The long wait has finally come to an end, SMD Siegen starts its events again after a long corona break. Next Monday we want to meet again in a relaxed atmosphere to exchange experiences. If you are new in Siegen and are looking for a connection to Christians or just want to get to know SMD Siegen, YOU are cordially invited. We are always happy to meet new people. What can you expect? Together we want to climb Monte Schlako, one of the landmarks in Siegen. Snacks and drinks are of course also provided 😉

A hearty invitation🎅🏻🎄

A warm invitation to the SMD Christmas party on 16.12 at 19 o’clock. What awaits you:
– Mulled wine
– Punch
– Cookies
– Christmas carols
– Worship
– Christmas story

Cookies for a question

What question would you ask Christians?
You can ask us a question you have always wanted to ask Christians. We will then try to answer it and deliver the answer and a bag of cookies to your home. If you are not from Siegen or the surrounding area, you can still ask us a question through our public channels and we will answer it for you.


A hearty invitation to the SMD Openair Christmas Party, our last event in 2018, singing Christmas songs, drinking mulled wine or punch, making stick bread and simply enjoying the Addvent atmosphere. So come by and tune in to the Christmas season 🙂

When?   Monday, 10.12.18, at 19 o’clock
Where?  Wilhelm-von-Humboldt-Platz 4,
                57076 Siegen

The truth leased? Tolerance and truth in the competition of religions

Who likes righteous people – where tolerance is lacking, stress rules. But does that mean giving up the search for “truth” altogether? Why the sentence “everything is relative” is illogical – and how someone can believe the truth and at the same time be tolerant.

WHO?     Prof. Dr. Matthias Clausen, ev. theologian from
                 Marburg, as a speaker on the road at universities all
                 over germany and beyond.

WHEN?   Tuesday, 13.11.2018 at 18pm

WHERE? Campus Adolf-Reichwein, yellow lecture hall (AR-D 5105)

Me, a missionary?!

… think
… believe
… experience

To what extent does our faith shape our everyday life at university? What does the term “missionary” actually have to do with it, which in some ears has very negative connotations? If faith has such a decisive influence on life, why is it often such an unpleasant topic of conversation?

We will ask ourselves these and other questions about the topic next Monday together with the regional advisor of the SMD Joel Rosenfelder and discuss them together.

Everyone is cordially invited again!

  Monday, 29.10.18, at 19 o’clock
Where? Wilhelm-von-Humboldt-Platz 4,
               57076 Siegen