About us

Remember when you were a child you dreamed of becoming everything from a firefighter to a nurse to a fighter pilot?! The ideas may have changed often, but the one feeling is not: the feeling that you were born to do something big. You knew you were born to make a difference somehow. Well, what can you say about that – you’re right!

SMD Siegen are the friendships that give you the courage to live big. SMD Siegen are the people who believe enough in you that you can live the reality of this greatness. SMD Siegen is meeting the reality of God for our world. SMD Siegen is to discover what it really means to live for a greater cause and to share this knowledge with friends.

The SMD Siegen is a Christian university group that is open to believers, doubters and seekers alike. It is part of the SMD, a Germany-wide network of Christians in school, university and profession.

Be touched. Become passionate. Be enlarged. Be inspired.

That is SMD Siegen.